Connecting Leaders to Kingdopm Purpose

Kingdom Builders

“Because I have set my heart on the house of my God, I have given to the house of my God, over and above all that I have prepared for the holy house...Who among you is ready and willing to join in the giving?” 1 CHRONICLES 29:3-6

Connecting leaders
to kingdom purpose

The Kingdom Builders Team is an outlet for those who are called and equipped to finance the Kingdom of God and to leave a legacy.

The Kingdom Builders Team serves our church with the gift of giving.

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully. ROMANS 12:6-8

The Four legacy lanes of impact

  • Influence Church Projects (building projects)
  • Influence Intern Ministry (endowments, scholarships and facilities)
  • Local Missions (90 minute outreaches, prison ministry and community outreach across St. Louis)
  • International Missions (Overseas projects, church planting and leadership development)

Join Kingdom Builders

Kingdom people give influence, resources and time as a local church ministry expression to advance the cause of Christ. Each member prayerfully commits to give over and above their tithe to impact eternity for generations to come—to leave a legacy.

To be a part of the Kingdom Builders Team, you must complete the Growth Track.

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